Poker Hall of Famers Steal Show From Merson, Galfond and Vohra


If you take a quick glance at top of the Day 2A/B leaderboard of the 2013 WSOP you’re going to see the names of a lot of players who made a name for themselves playing online poker; Phil Galfond, Daniel Cates, Annette Obrestad, Cliff Josephy and Raj Vohra. But while the “wizards” are the ones crushing through four levels on of play on Tuesday, it was the two old schoolers who stole a big piece of the spotlight. Poker Hall of FamersDoyle Brunson and Dewey Tomko, good friends for nearly 40 years now, ended up seated together after Brunson’s table broke for the third time today.

TJ Cloutier Doesn’t Sweat

Brunson and Tomko aren’t the only two oldtimers with an interest in the Main Event. Six-time WSOP bracelet winner TJ Cloutier was on the rail just after the dinner break. When asked who he was sweating Cloutier pointed to Roy Upshaw, a fellow Texan. “But I don’t sweat anybody. I just watch ‘em.”

Lehmanski Doesn’t Slow Roll

A player UTG raised to 2,200 before the player directly to his left made it 5,200. It folded around to Max Lehmanski in the hijack who thought for a few moments before making it 10,200. It folded back around to the original raiser, who folded, and then the three-bettor moved all in for 63,300 total.

Lehmanski went into the tank for several minutes while he counted out his chips multiple times, drank some water, and had a few mints.

“It’s not a slowroll,” he said. “I have a really good hand, but you’re the nit.”

After a little more thinking he called the additional 53,100 and tabled QcQd while he stared at his opponent’s KcKs. The board ran out J 7 5 A K and Lehmanski was knocked down to 21,400.

Victoria Coren, Exit Stage Right

Team PokerStars Pro Victoria Coren‘s Main Event run is over. Four people saw a flop of K T 2with there being a lot of chips already in the middle, Coren moved all-in from the small blind for approximately 25,000. The player in the big blind raised to isolate the all-in Coren. The other two players got out of the way and Coren found bad news when the cards were turned on their backs. Coren had flopped middle set with T T, but was up against her opponent’s top set with K K. The turn was the 6 and the river was the 2 and Coren exited in disbelief.

Randy Ohel Gets a Team PokerStars Pro

From middle position Randy Ohel raised to 2,200. Action folded to Liv Boeree on the button and she called. The blinds released and Ohel and Boeree were heads-up to a flop of A 4 2. Ohel bet 2,700 and Boeree called to see the 9 on the turn. Both players checked to the 3 on the river and Ohel then fired out a bet of 4,500. Boeree waited a few moments and then carefully folded her hand. Ohel now has about 114,000 and Boeree has just slight more with about 118,000.

River Mistake Puts Josephy to a Decision

It’s one thing to face a decision when your opponent bets into you on the river. It’s quite another to face a decision when your opponent shows you his cards before you make a decision. That was the conundrum Cliff Josephy faced when the big blind fired a 10,000 bet on the river.

Here’s how the hand played out: With about 45 minutes left in level 9, Josephy opened to 2,000 in middle position. Only the big blind called. They saw a flop of J 8 5 and the big blind lead out for 6,000. Josephy called. The turn brought the 4, and the big blind lead out again for 6,000. Josephy quickly raised to 16,000 and the big blind called without thinking too much. On the river 3, the big blind fired 10,000, and before Josephy could act, the big blind turned over J 8. He said he thought Josephy had reached for calling chips. “I’m not sure what to do yet.” Josephy, who had 200,000 behind, thought for a while, ultimately folding his hand. A tournament director approached the table and gave the big blind a one hand penalty for exposing his hand with action pending.

Another player at the table asked Josephy, “how badly did you want to pull the trigger?” “So badly,” Josephy said. He paused as the rest of the table mumbled and said, “got my aces cracked. The opponent said, “it was not intentional.” Josephy replied: “No one ever does that on purpose.”

Jamie Gold Gets the ‘Raw Deal’ Treatment

At Tony Dunst‘s table there was some talk about former Main Event Champion Jamie Gold. “The worst one is the infamous ‘top top’ hand. He tells the guy “I got top top, I gotta call you” and then he acts like the hand is over even though he only has like 54% equity,” said Dunst. “And of course he holds.”

They then move to his bracelet which was up for auction and how much it is worth and auctioned for. After rumors of it being valued around $10,000, another player chimed in about his own experience with Gold.

“I played with him for like six hours at the Venetian in a $5-$10 uncapped game,” said the player in seat five. “At no point did I ever think he was a good poker player.”

Greg Mueller Stacking Chips

Greg Mueller is getting aggressive as the last level of the night approaches. Mueller raised to 2,300 from middle position and the player to his left three-bet to 6,100. Action folded back around to Mueller who called. The flop was A 9 3 and Mueller check-called a 7,500 bet. The turn was the 8 and both players checked to see the Q on the river. Mueller fired out a massive bet of 25,000 and his opponent called. Mueller quickly showed A J, his opponent mucked and was left with about 59,500. Mueller is now up to 190,000.


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