Max Steinberg Eliminates Ivey & Leads Level 14 of Main Event


Day 3 of the 2013 WSOP Main Event just completed Level 14 and according to the tournament clocks the field has been trimmed to 792 players – just 144 players from the money bubble. Topping the chip counts is Max Steinberg with 972,000.

Other big stacks in play are Ryan Hughes (830,000), Kyle Julius (680,000), Benny Chen (600,000), Bryan Pellegrino (565,000), Jacob Bazeley (560,000) and David Paredes (560,000).

It wasn’t all good news for notable players though as Phil Ivey, Cliff Josephy, Philip Gruissem, Jared Hamby and Andy Frankenberger were all sent to the rail during the level.

Phil Ivey Eliminated by Max Steinberg

Phil Ivey opened for 7,500 from early position, Olaoluwa Okelola, Max Steinberg and Anthony Gregg all called. The flop rolled out A T 3, Gregg checked, Ivey bet 16,000 and Okelola made it 41,000 to play. Steinberg called in position, Gregg mucked and Ivey pushed his 416,000 stack in the middle. Okelola pitched his cards back to the dealer but Steinberg snap-called with pocket tens for middle set. Ivey was in a world of hurt with pocket threes for bottom set and needed case three to stay alive. Ivey bricked when 5 Qcompleted the board and was eliminated.

Bax Has Dinner, Busts

Almost immediately after the dinner break, Cliff “JohnnyBax” Josephy had his remaining 68,000 in the middle against Russell Crane who called with 8 8 as Josephy showed A 9. The board ran out 764JT and Josephy was quickly sent to the rail. Crane, meanwhile, raked in the chips and added to his 335,000 stack.

Galfond Spikes Two-Outer to Stay Alive

Early in Level 14, Phil Galfond was down to 65,000 chips. After a player min-raised to 6,000, Galfond shoved with 66. Action folded to the raiser, calling with AK and it was off to the races. The raiser moved out in front on the AA9 flop. But Galfond hit his two-outer when the 6 arrived on the turn. The 7 on the river completed the hand as Galfond is back to 140,000.

James Mackey up to 405,000

James Mackey has been quietly building his stack and added a little more to it just after the dinner break. Mackey raised to 6,000 from middle position and Jeremy Druckmom re-raised to 16,000 from the button. Mackey called and the flop fell K 6 2. Both players checked and the turn was the 5. Mackey fired out a bet of 24,000 and Druckmom thougth for a few moments and folded his hand. Mackey climbed to about 405,000 and Druckmom has about 320,000.

Good Day for Jared Jaffe

After coming into Day 3 with about 125,000 Jared Jaffe has built his stack up to 410,000 post dinner break.

Jaffe raised to 6,000 from Under the Gun+1 and the player two to his left moved all in for 39,000. Action folded back around to Jaffe, he called and rolled over A Q. The player in middle position showed A J and Jaffe picked up a nice draw after a flop of 8 7 6. The Jaffe missed the flush draw as the board completed 9 2 but it was not needed to take the pot. Jaffe’s ace queen held and the all in player wished the table good luck and made his exit.

Schwarmann Loses Steam, Still Going Strong

On the river with around 60,000 in the middle and the board reading Jc5h4c7h9c, Nick Schwarmann moved his opponent all in for his remaining 70,000. His opponent went into the tank for several minutes.

“Will you show?” asked his opponent.

Schwarmann didn’t respond and his opponent eventually called.

Schwarmann showed the 7c first followed by the 8h. His opponent dragged the pot with AdJd. Schwarmann lost the pot, but is still in good chip position with 634,000 in chips.

Julius Building Towers

Kyle Julius is crushing his table by picking a lot of small to medium pots and stealing blinds and antes. He recently opened for 6,500 and the player in Seat 5 re-raised to 13,500. Julius stared at him for a bit and then but in a four-bet to 24,500. His opponent almost insta-folded and Julius took another small pot.

He’s taking so many small pots that he has a lot of the small denomination chips and has towers 40 or 45 chips high. Our best estimates put him at 510,000.

Pellegrino Flushes Out

With the board jack high and three diamonds that got there on the turn, Bryan Pellegrino put out a 110,000 river bet after his opponent checked. His opponent called and mucked his hand when Pellegrino tabled 35, good for a flush.

“I four-bet,” said Pellegrino’s opponent in frustration. “He just had to call.”

“Win big pot, kid is raged lol. At 650k or so,” tweeted Pellegrino after the hand.

Lunkin Bests Obrestad

Vitaly Lunkin and Annette Obrestad were mixed up in a heads-up flop of Q 8 6. Lunkin check-called a bet from Obrestad and a 4 came on the turn. Lunkin checked and Obrestad bet 23,000. Lunkin cut out chips for a call and pushed them into the middle. The river was the 6 and both players checked. Obrestad mucked when Lunkin showed K Q. Lunkin chipped up to 190,000 while Obresatd fell to 445,000.

Potter and ElkY Do Battle

The Tan section of the Amazon room is quite the haul for anyone wanting to rail some poker, but some great poker is currently being played by Bertrand “Elky” Grospellier and Jason Potter, seated next to each other on table 351. In this hand, Elky min-raised to 6,000 as Potter and the big blind called. On a flop of Q54, the big blind checked, Elky fired off a bet of 8,500 as Potter called and the big blind got out of the way. Elky fired out again for 15,500 on the J turn and Potter called. The A on the river had Elky check, then stare at Potter as he pondered what to do before eventually checking as well. Elky showed 99 but Potter rolled over AT to take the pot to get to 285,000 while Elky slipped to 290,000.

Galfond Doubles, Meets Friend of a Friend

Phil Galfond found himself in a blind versus blind situation after action folded around and the small blind raised to 8,000. Glafond thought for a moment and pushed all in for 78,500, sending his opponent into the tank.

The small blind ultimately decided on a call and Galfond turned over A 3, at risk against the K J of his neighbor.

ESPN cameras swarmed the table, a producer arranged the cards for the camera and the dealer put out a board of 9 8 5 A 8, keeping Galfond alive.

The small blind appeared to ask Galfond about the hand, and he responded: “You have to call there.”

Galfond commented on the rise and fall of his chip stack on the day, saying “time to slowly chip down.”

Before the start of the next hand, Age Spets, of Norway, said from across the table: “You’re good at keeping the pots small.”

Galfond smiled, and Spets said, “I learned who you are today.”

Turned out Galfond and Spets have a friend in common, a coach on Galfond’s site known as Odd Oddsen.

“I’m glad I don’t have to play Omaha with you,” Spets told Galfond. “I’m glad it’s Hold’em.”

Galfond replied: “I wish the Main Event was Omaha.”

The Matador Can’t Tame Elsarelli

After an early position raise to 6,000, Carlos Mortensen three-bet to 17,000 before Matthew Elsarelli four-bet to 36,000 from the button. Action folded back to Mortensen who thought for a while before calling.

Both players checked a T94 flop and the K fell on the turn. Mortensen checked again, but Elsarelli bet 30,000. Mortensen thought for quite a while before calling and seeing a 2 come on the river. Mortensen checked and Elsarelli bet 62,000.

Morten grabbed his chips and pump-faked going all in. He counted out a call and checked how much he would have left if he called and lost. He thought for a few minutes before putting in the call. Elsarelli exposed QJ, giving him the nut straight and Mortensen tossed his cards high in the air into the muck out of frustration, accidentally exposing the K in the process.

Haxton Nearly Doubles Without Showing

Sitting in the small blind, Isaac Haxton was facing a raise to 7,500 from the cutoff seat and a call from the button. Haxton, who started the hand with 52,000, elected to call the raise and the big blind folded. They saw a flop of Q 7 5 and Haxton and the cutoff seat checked to the button who fired 13,500.

Haxton thought momentarily and moved all in. The initial raiser folded and the player on the button folded without much thought.

Two seats over, Mark Kroon said, “Nice pot for you, though.”

“Yeah, that made a big difference,” Haxton responded. He finished the hand with 98,500 in chips.


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