Jackie Glazer Eliminated; Anton Morgenstern Leads With 21.9 Million


Only 28 players remain in the 2013 WSOP Main Event as players head to break for the last time on Day 6 and German Anton Morgenstern leads the way with 21,800,000. Morgenstern might have all of the chips but over the last level almost all of the attention was one JC Tran, Carlos Mortensen and the last woman standing, Jackie Glazer.

Tran and Mortensen both chipped up during the last two hours and now find themselves in the top six in chip counts. Glazier was a different story. The Australian poker pro was at the ESPN Main Stage when her tournament came to grinding halt. Glazier couldn’t win a flip and was eliminated in 31st place.

Top 6 Chip Counts

  1. Anton Morgenstern – 21,955,000
  2. Sylvain Loosli – 14,125,000
  3. Chris Lindh – 12,030,000
  4. J.C. Tran – 11,970,000
  5. Fabian Ortiz – 10,810,000
  6. Carlos Mortensen – 10,790,000

Amyx’s Tens crushed by Tran’s Aces, Out in 37th

Jack Amyx became the 37th place finisher for $185,694, just shy of the next pay jump, when he ran his pocket tens into JC Tran’s pocket aces.

Yevgeniy Timoshenko opened to 220,000 from under the gun and Tran re-raised to 575,000 from the button. Amyx shipped all in for 815,000 from the small blind, Timoshenko folded and Tran called.

Amyx tabled T T but Tran was way out ahead with A A. The board ran out 7 3 2 Q J to send Amyx to the rail.

Porter Doubles Through Brummelhuis

Moments after Jack Amy was knocked out holding pocket tens, Ralph “Rep” Porter found himself all in for 1.68 million with T T against an overpair.

Porter, however, would encounter a different fate.

Michiel Brummelhuis, who held Q Q, cringed when he saw the T 6 2 flop. He would need to hit a bigger set or a running flush. But Porter filled up on the 2 turn and doubled through Brummelhuis on the river 8.

Porter is looking for his third WSOP bracelet, having taken down the 2008 $1,500 No Limit Hold’em Six-Max and 2011 $2,500 Seven Card Razz events.

David Benefield Takes Care of Dattani

Umang Dattani was just eliminated in 36th place and will take home $229,281 after he got all in against David Benefield.

Benefield raised to 200,000 on the button and Dattani three-bet all in from the big blind for 1.235 million. Benefield called and the hands were turned on their backs. Benefield was out in front with his A Q against Dattani’s A 6. Benefield stayed in front to eliminate the Canadian as the board ran out A 3 5 5 8 and Benefield is sitting with 4.46 million.

Pollak Doubles Through Farber

Jay Farber min-raised under the gun to 200,000 and action folded back around Benjamin Pollak in the big blind who moved all in for just over 1 million. Farber called and tabled A T and needed some clubs or a ten against Pollak’s A J

The dealer couldn’t find anything Farber needed as the board ran out K Q 9 8 3 and Pollak doubled up to 2.14 million while Farber took a minor hit to his stack. His stack is now at 8.56 million.

Kaverman Runs Threes into Tran’s Kings

After nursing short stack for the entire day, Byron Kaverman was eliminated as the 34th place finisher for $229,281.

Kaverman open shoved all in for 745,000 from the button and JC Tran woke up with two black kings in the big blind. Tran insta-called and Kaverman tabled 3 3. The board ran out Q 9 45 6.

Tran climbed to 11,560,000 after taking all of Kaverman’s chips.

Le Floch Le Out

Nicolas Le Floch open-shoved all in preflop with no action in front of him and James Alexander took a few moments to call. Alexander eventually called, tabled A 8 and was behind Le Floch’s A Q.

The board ran 8 7 5 6 A and Le Floch shook his head in disappointment before exiting the tournament area. As he headed towards the payout desk Alexander stacked 11.1 million after the win.

Kawauti Doubles With Rockets

David Benefield raised to 200,000 from early position and Bruno Kawauti three-bet to 550,000 from the button. Benefield moved all in and Kawauti snap-called.

Benefield showed A J and was in as bad of shape as you can be in when he saw Kawauti tabled A A. The flop was 9 8 3 and the 6 on the turn gave everybody involved a sweat with Benefield picking up a flush draw.

The river was the T which gave the pot to Kawauti, who doubled up to 4.4 million and Benefield slipped to 2.1 million.

Petit Pounces on Ponakovs

Aleksejs Ponakovs opened in the small blind to 250,00 and Danard Petit called from the big blind. The flop fell A 9 5, Ponakovs led for 225,000 and Petit called. The turn came J, Ponakovs led again for 400,000, Petit put him all in and Ponakovs called.

Petit flipped up A 7 and Ponakovs was behind with K 5 and needed help to improve. The dealer peeled of the 4 on the river and Ponakovs was out in 33rd place.

Gee Doubles Through Lindh

Chris Lindh min-raised in early position , Steve Gee called in late position and Jay Farber called from the big blind. The flop came 9 5 3, Farber checked, LIndh bet 325,000, Gee called and Farber folded. The turn came 6, Lindh shoved and Gee went into the tank for his tournament life.

Gee called, tabled A 9 and Lindh held T 9. The river came 9, both players made trips, but Gee’s ace earned him the pot and doubled to just over five million.

Dan Owen Eliminated in 32nd Place, $229,281

We caught up with the action as Dan Owen moved all in preflop for his last 1 million chips.

Clement Tripodi started to ask for a count, but quickly said call, showing Owen how much trouble he was in: Tripodi held Q Q against Owen’s Q J.

They saw a flop of A K 7, and George Wong said, “you can’t complain about that flop.” He was referencing the gutshot that Owen picked up, but the turn 4 and river 6 would not provide the help he needed.

The 32nd place finish marked Owen’s second cash of the summer. Less than two weeks ago, he finished third in Event 56, $2,500 No Limit Hold’em.

Glazier’s Deep Run Comes to an End at 31st, No Ladies Left

Jackie Glazier’s deep main event run came to an end with her exiting the field as the 31st place finisher for $229,281. With Glazier’s elimination, no more ladies remain in the field.

Glazier’s tournament came to an end when Sergio Castelluccio raised to 200,000 from middle position and she moved all in for 1,975,000 from the big blind with A Q. Castelluccio called with two red tens and this time the flop would not be kind to Glazier.

Glazier had flopped a full house during the previous level and unfortunately for her, a flopped full house would now happen for her opponent. The dealer fanned 9 9 9 and left Glazier drawing to an ace, queen or nine. But the cards would not open up and the board ran out 5 K.

Glazier made her way to the rail where her husband Jamie was waiting to comfort her.

Level 29 Eliminations

  • George Wong – 28th – $229,281
  • Phillip Long – 29th – $229,281
  • Danard Petit – 30th – $229,281
  • Jackie Glazer – 31st – $229,281
  • Dan Owen – 32nd – $229,281
  • Aleksejs Ponakovs - 33rd – $
  • Byron Kaverman – 34th – $229,281
  • Nicolas Le Floch – 35th – $229,281
  • Umang Dattani – 36th – $229,281
  • Jack Amyx – 37th – $185,694

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