Poker Rules

Poker games rules
There are many variants of poker game, so we’ve detailed every variant of poker in order to help you choose the game that suits you best. You will find below the complete rules of poker, but also their strategies.
Modern poker based on five card draw, but Texas Hold’em poker is currently the most played. We urge you to learn these two types of poker game.

Texas Holdem
This is the variant of poker’s most famous, is it that you find in every casino and all the poker rooms online. It can be played Limit, No Limit and Pot Limit rarely. Sometimes you can find Mixed Hold’em (Limit one turn and then a round of No Limit), in which case the blinds are divided by two in the round of No Limit….

Omaha has many similarities to Texas Hold’em. There are many different variations of Omaha, however, only two variants are available in the online poker rooms: Omaha Hi and Omaha Hi / Lo. There is very little difference between its two variants, they are written briefly further down the page….

7 Card Stud
Seven Card Stud sometimes Frenchified in «seven-card stud is the stud variant of the most popular. Indeed, there are many derivatives of this variant but you will not find in online poker rooms as Seven Card Stud Hi, Hi / Lo and Razz. The Hi / Lo is mentioned further down this page while Razz is dealt with in another article….

Razz is sort of Seven Card Stud Low just practiced. This variant very hard to control. The coup is taking place as the stud. There are many betting rounds during which the player receives seven cards, three cards face down and four cards face up. The goal is to get the best possible low hand so if you are a beginner in this variant, plus the hand will seem bad, it will be better….

Five Card Draw
Five Card Draw is a variation popular and practiced by many people. Many people have also learned through this poker variant. But perhaps that name means nothing to you since in France we call this variant more commonly known as draw poker. Why closed? Because all cards are hidden and revealed that the donor does not flop. This is the perfect alternative for those who bluff….

HORSE is a variant which has several variants. Said like that, it sounds complicated and indeed it is, to be a good player HORSE, he’ll take many hours of work and play this variant is actually an acronym, each letter corresponding to a variant played….

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