Pocket Pair Strategy


Pocket Pairs: Pairs are always good hole cards in a poker freeroll, but you should play them
wisely. Everyone loves to see a pair in the hole. One of the most anticipated pocket pairs are the
pocket Aces which tend to cause amateurs to bet the whole farm thinking they cannot loose. If
you do not comprehend anything else in this guide, comprehend this…pocket Aces are not
ALWAYS a winner, especially in free poker tournaments. Yes, they are indeed the best starting
hand you can theoretically be dealt, but I have seen way too many players lose all of their chips
with the «all-in» pocket Aces in poker freerolls.

Having said that, let’s start with the idea of «slow playing» your pocket Aces in poker freerolls.
There are a few things that you should consider before doing so. If you choose to slow play the
Aces you should be at a table that has players who are unlikely to call a pre-flop raise from an
early position, very loose players, or one or more players who are frequently stealing the blinds.
Mos poker freerolls this is not the case; you will almost always get action, especially in early
founds of a freeroll. Keep in mind that slow playing with any hand should not become a
dominating strategy but rather a technique used sparingly. Now suppose that you come out
strong with your betting and you get multiple callers or even a raise. This would be the
suggested way to play pocket pairs in poker freerolls. If it comes to the turn or river card and you
do not improve your hand you should typically lay down. More often than not, you will lose a
substantial amount of chips — especially if there is a possible straight or flush hand showing on
the board. Remember, it is better to save your stack and live to play another hand than to
foolishly take chances.

Other pocket pairs such as the Deuce/Deuce is not as strong as many would think at ANY point
during a poker freeroll. I would recommend never holding this small pair (unless you are a blind
and can check through to the next card). All it takes is someone holding a single Three card and
then seeing another Three show up on the flop or turn to win the hand. In general, the Five to
Nine pair are usually not good pocket pairs to bet on in freerolls — but can be a good hand to see
the flop on if the betting is not beyond your comfort level or if you are a blind and have the option
to check. If you don’t hit at least three of a kind on the flop, it is best not to hold these low pairs
unless you can continue to check the hand.

ALWAYS, ALWAYS be aware that when any pair is showing on the board in a freeroll, a full
house is possible. A full house Threes full of Twos will beat Ace/Ace or trip Aces every time.
Whenever you see someone betting hard on board pairs, you should at the very least be holding
an Ace or King with the pair, and it is recommended not to play against a high wager unless you
already have trips with the possibility of hitting the full boat yourself.

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