True Poker

True Poker

Reviewed by / Contributing Members:

Venom (Poker Pro), Shades (Poker Beginner), Two_Finger (Poker Pro), Up_Sleeves (Poker Intermediate), River_Hit (Poker Intermediate), On_The_Turn (Poker Pro), Pockets (Poker Pro), KGB (Poker Beginner)

(Note: Beginner = < 1 yr online playing experience, Intermediate = 1 to 3 years and Pro = 4 + years).

The Good:

Probably the BEST graphics on the Web — hand’s down. Well run site, with few complaints. Consistent action with a good assortment of players and tables. New on the scene as compared to some of the other sites, but gaining a good reputation quickly.

The Bad:

Some find the graphics cool ,some find the whole thing hokey. Some find it takes longer to start playing because you have so many options! Not one of our favorites when your short on time but want to play a few hands online.

The Bottom Line:

If you got some time, try it out, but if your in a hurry, try, you’ll be seated and playing ‘heads-up’ in no time!

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