Tiger Gaming

Tiger Gaming

Reviewed by / Contributing Members:

Celtics33 (Poker Intermediate), Venom13 (Poker Pro), Johnnylarue (Poker Beginner), Aces69 (Poker Intermediate), Chan (Poker Intermediate), River_Hit (Poker Intermediate), On_The_Turn (Poker Pro), Suited (Poker Beginner)

(Note: Beginner = < 1 yr online playing experience, Intermediate = 1 to 3 years and Pro = 4 + years).

The Good:

Tiger Gaming Poker has action from multi-table tournaments, ring games, sit and go’s and all your favorite poker games, from Limit and No Limit Texas Hold’em, Omaha, 7 Card Stud and much more. The abundance of players and action will cater to any level of poker player.

The Bad:

The only draw back to Tiger Gaming is the vast selection of games. On_The_Turn lost big at Guts Poker and Chinese Poker before he figured out the rules but says «Sometimes you got to pay to learn, I figure I’ve made all my start-up losses back already though so I don’t mind as much!»

The Bottom Line:

TigerGaming.com offers a wide variety of tournaments that will appeal to a variety of users. From heads up tournaments for players with little time, to the larger multi-stage tournaments that can span weeks. Regardless of the type of tournament you wish to play in, rest assured TigerGaming.com has it. Tiger Gaming has the hard to find games including Guts Poker, Chinese Poker, Pan and Blackjack for your break time.

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