River Belle Poker

River Belle Poker

Reviewed by / Contributing Members:

Celtics33 (Poker Intermediate), Venom13 (Poker Pro), Johnnylarue (Poker Beginner), Aces69 (Poker Intermediate), Chan (Poker Intermediate), River_Hit (Poker Intermediate), On_The_Turn (Poker Pro), Suited (Poker Beginner)
(Note: Beginner = < 1 yr online playing experience, Intermediate = 1 to 3 years and Pro = 4 + years).

The Good:

The first thing you will see at this site is the table list for Texas Hold’em. In addition, River Belle also offers Omaha, Omaha Hi/Low, Seven Card Stud, Five Card Stud and One-on-One tables. Venom13 loves the action at River Belle Poker, you’ll probably run into him at one of the tables if you visit the site!

The Bad:

The down side of River Belle Poker is the lack of players for Limit Hold’em games. There is always a $1/$2 and $3/$6 game but you can’t always find a seat right away.

The Bottom Line:

River Belle Poker Room has some good action and great promotions. Daily high hand bonus of $250 for the highest hand on Texas Hold’em. They also offer a Bad Beat of the Day bonus of $500 and if it is not won, the pot will increase by $50 per day until it is won. Once it has been won, the jackpot will reset to $500 — helps make that bad beat a little more bearable!

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