Poker Room

Poker Room

Reviewed by / Contributing Members:

Double_Down (Poker Intermediate), Venom13 (Poker Pro), JackBlackJack (Poker Beginner), River_Hit (Poker Intermediate), Pockets (Poker Pro), KGB (Poker Beginner)
(Note: Beginner = < 1 yr online playing experience, Intermediate = 1 to 3 years and Pro = 4 + years).

The Good:

Poker Room has been around for close to 7 years and has earned a solid reputation for wicked graphics, cool interactive features and solid customer service. A great place to get into tournament play, whether your game is Hold’em, Omaha, or 7 Card Stud. Always good action and range of player experience — Beginner to Pro.

The Bad:

Our members rarely have anything negative to say about Poker Room. KGB wanted to try the site out but mentioned «there’s not much «free» action to be had if your looking to try before you buy.» Hey, it’s your call.

The Bottom Line:

Definitely one of our favorite sites to play Hold’em or Omaha. You can always find a tournament in your price range with players seated and ready to go. Excellent range of players, from beginners to experienced and cool graphics. If your gona play poker online, check out the Poker Room. Our good buddy from made tons at this site when they first went real money.

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